Minecraft Bedrock Edition Changelog

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Slimes and Magma Cubes no longer spawn in spaces that are 2 blocks tall or less


  • Raids now trigger properly when the player with bad omen enters a village while riding/gliding


  • Fixed item degradation when rapidly attacking mobs


  • Hoppers will no longer fail to collect items when trying to pull in multiple item types



  • Horses can no longer be pushed over Fences with Carpets on top


  • Vexes’ hitboxes are now vertically centered with their models
  • The Vex now uses a separate charging animation when empty-handed
  • Vexes now render offhand items

Vex & Allay

  • Vex & Allay now sit properly in Boats and Minecarts


  • Fixed a bug that prevented items from moving indirectly between Creative Mode inventory and players’ extended inventory in Pocket UI

Touch Controls

  • Fixed a problem where the touch d-pad’s forward button was not functional when holding the strafe left/right button

User Interface

  • Feedback button on the main menu will now prompt the player with a modal before redirecting to their web browser

Technical Updates


  • Removed the unintended ability to set the withproperty of a raw text JSON object to an array of JSON objects


  • The “minecraft:variable_max_auto_step” component has a new property “controlled_value”
    • This property will override “base_value” when a mob with “minecraft:input_ground_controlled” is being controlled by the player
    • The “jump_prevented_value” will have precedence over both other values

Experimental Technical Features


  • Added method getEffectswhich returns an array of all active effects on the entity


  • Fixed a bug where the @initiator selector would not work with the Upcoming Creator Features experiment enabled
  • As a preview of upcoming potential changes to how commands run, new experimental functionality within the Upcoming Creator Features experiment causes all behavior pack animation events to run at the end of the current tick

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