Minecraft Bedrock Edition Changelog

Known Issues

  • Players are unable to connect to LAN sessions hosted by players on Windows or Xbox

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Added the following new music tracks by Aaron Cherof to Cherry Groves, Desert, Jungle, Mesa, and Flower Forest biomes
    • A Familiar Room
    • Bromeliad
    • Crescent Dunes
    • Echo in the Wind

Suspicious Blocks

  • Sugar Cane, Cactus, and Dead Bush can now be placed on Suspicious Sand
  • Bamboo can now be placed on Suspicious Sand and Gravel
  • Sugar Cane and Bamboo can now be placed on Moss Block


  • Adding Sniffer Eggs to loot in warm ocean ruin for suspicious blocks
  • Trail Ruins no longer generate partially exposed
  • The loot tables for Suspicious Gravel inside Trail Ruins no longer have duplicate entries for Bricks
  • Added a new music disc which can be acquired by brushing suspicious blocks in Trail Ruins. When put in a Jukebox, Relic by Aaron Cherof is played
  • Reworked Trail Ruins structures based on community feedback
  • Added more structure variants
  • Sand no longer generates within the structures
  • Tweaked the amount of Gravel and Dirt that generates within the structures
  • Tweaked the amount of Suspicious Gravel that generates within the structures
  • Split the loot tables for the Suspicious Gravel within the structure. There is now a dedicated loot table for Rare loot items (e.g. Pottery Sherds, Smithing Templates), and a dedicated loot table for more common loot drops (e.g. Tinted Glass Pane, Tools, Candles, etc.).
  • Renamed ‘Pottery Shards’ to ‘Pottery Sherds’

Pitcher Plant & Pitcher Crop

  • Fixed an issue where the plant textures appeared darker
  • Crafting dye from Pitcher Plant now results in two dyes instead of one


  • Brown Mooshrooms can now eat Torchflowers


  • Sniffer can now be tempted by Torchflower Seeds
  • Sniffer now rather breeds than search and dig for items or be tempted
  • Sniffer now creates particles while digging
  • Sniffer can no longer search and dig in water
  • Made Sniffer walk cycle smoother
  • Sniffer Egg emits particles only when placed on Moss block to demonstrate faster hatching


  • Flying is no longer disabled when flying under Stairs
  • Bees no longer make the player eating sound when eating

User Interface

  • Added new Trails & Tales Update splash screen texts
  • Coordinates will not show up on the new death screen when the “Show Coordinates” setting is enabled
  • Added new Trails & Tales Update loading screen tips
  • Added exclamation marks to certain splash texts that were missing to match Java Edition
  • The tooltip for dismounting Camels has been updated to match the one for other rideable mobs


  • Moved Raiser Armor Trim Smithing Template’s icon one pixel to the right
  • Moved Wayfinder Armor Trim Smithing Template’s icon one pixel to the right
  • Fixed a bug where in some situations an item in an item frame would be too small

Sculk Sensor Phases

  • Sculk Sensors and Calibrated Sculk Sensors now have three phases: Inactive, Active, and Cooldown
  • The default phase is Inactive
    • This phase lasts indefinitely until the block receives a vibration
    • During this phase, the block is able to listen to nearby vibrations until one has been scheduled
  • When a scheduled vibration is received, the block switches to the Active phase
    • This phase lasts 30 game ticks for Sculk Sensors, and 10 game ticks for Calibrated Sculk Sensors
    • During this phase, the block stops listening to nearby vibrations, wiggles its tendrils, and emits a Redstone signal and light
  • After the Active phase has finished, the block switches to a Cooldown phase
    • This phase lasts for 10 game ticks
    • During this phase, the block keeps wiggling its tendrils, but no longer emits a Redstone signal nor light
    • Finally, once this phase is finished, the block will switch back to the Inactive phase
  • Previously, these phases had different timings:
    • The Active phase lasted 40 game ticks for Sculk Sensors and 20 game ticks for Calibrated Sculk Sensors
    • There was no Cooldown phase
  • These phase timings were tweaked so that it is less common for activated contraptions to recursively activate the Sculk Sensor that powered them

Technical Updates

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • Pumpkin blocks use the string type state “minecraft:cardinal_direction” instead of the int type “direction” state


  • Has item command selector now correctly detects whether or not an actor has a filled Map or Firework Star in their inventory
  • The “inputpermission” command now has a description displayed in the command dialogue preview

Bedrock Editor

  • Fixed a bug where the default command permission level of the client differed from what was displayed in a multiplayer session
  • Tool mode movement will now use the vanilla keyboard controls instead of hardcoded W/A/S/D/Space/Shift keys. Movement bindings can now be customized from the settings menu, but some keys might not be available if they are being used by other editor actions


  • Custom items with ‘minecraft:record’ show the correct sound description in hover text and on playing in a Jukebox


Experimental Technical Features



  • Changed “minecraft:cardinal_direction” and “minecraft:facing_direction” states from int to string type.
    • “minecraft:cardinal_direction” has four values [“north”, “south”, “east”, “west”]
    • “minecraft:facing_direction” has six values [“down”, “up”, “north”, “south”, “east”, “west”]
  • Added a new experimental Cameras toggle to allow for custom camera perspectives
  • Removed “knockback_resistance” item component


  • New APIs moved from beta to stable @minecraft/server 1.2.0:
    • Moving applyDamage(amount: number, options?: EntityApplyDamageByProjectileOptions | EntityApplyDamageOptions): booleanto 2.0
    • Moving kill(): booleanto 2.0
    • Moving EntityApplyDamageOptionsto 2.0
    • Moving EntityApplyDamageByProjectileOptionsto 2.0
    • Moving EntityDamageCauseto 2.0
    • Moving addTag(tag: string)to 2.0
    • Moving removeTag(tag: string)to 2.0
    • Moving hasTag(tag: string)to 2.0
    • Moving getTags()to 2.0
    • Moved Containerand BlockInventoryComponent and EntityInventoryComponent to 2.0
    • Moved Music APIs from beta to stable
    • Moved Sound APIs from beta to stable
    • Moved ModalFormDataMessageFormData, and ActionFormDatato 0.0
    • Fixed bug in response of MessageFormResponsewhere selection was inverted from which button was selected. button1 now refers to the left button and results in a selection of 0 and button2 now refers to the right button and results in a selection of 1
    • Moved ItemStackconstructor and getter APIs to 2.0
    • Moved EntityItemComponentItemComponentItemTypeand ItemLockMode to 2.0
    • Moving applyImpulse(vector: Vector3): voidto 2.0
    • Moving applyKnockback(directionX: number, directionZ: number, horizontalStrength: number, verticalStrength: number): voidto 2.0
    • Moving clearVelocity(): voidto 2.0
    • Moved runCommandfrom beta to 2.0
  • Enchantments
    • Removed MinecraftEnchantmentTypes class. Use MinecraftEnchantmentTypes from @minecraft/vanilla-data module for minecraft version specific information.
    • Added support for “strings” in all Enchantment methods for specifying the enchantment type
  • sourceon ExplosionBeforeEvent is now an optional property because explosions may not have a source
  • Tameable Component
    • Removed unimplemented tameEventfrom TameableComponent
  • Updated API to better handle operations outside of loaded and ticking areas
  • PositionInUnloadedChunkError: Exception thrown when trying to interact with a Block object that isn’t in a loaded and ticking chunk anymore
  • PositionOutOfWorldBoundariesError: Exception thrown when trying to interact with a position outside of dimension height range
  • Dimension
    • getBlock now returns an optional Block to reflect it might return ‘undefined’ if asking for a block at an unloaded chunk
  • Signs
    • Added optional SignSideparameter to functions setTextgetTextgetRawTextsetTextDyeColor, and getTextDyeColor on BlockSignComponent to support getting and setting text and colors on both sides of signs.
    • Added isWaxedproperty to BlockSignComponent indicating whether players can edit the sign or not.
    • Added setWaxedmethod to BlockSignComponent to block players from editing the sign.
  • runCommandand runCommandAsync on Dimension and Entity can now fail with a CommandError
    • runCommandcan throw a CommandError exception
    • runCommandAsyncwill pass a CommandError into the reject handler


  • Added /camera command as part of the experimental Cameras toggle
    • This command can switch to custom camera perspectives or fade the screen
  • Use /help camera to get a full list of options

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