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Patchwork Mod [1.12.2] 0

Patchwork Mod [1.12.2]

Many different changes will be included in Minecraft if you install the Patchwork Mod. It adds completely different things, but the priority is the monetary and trading system. That is, as a seller, you’ll...

Security Craft Mod for Minecraft 0

Security Craft Mod v1.8.4.1

Get reliable and first-class protection for your home using Security Craft. It introduces all existing in the real world protection and response to threats. Various alarms, keys and locks, mines, reinforced blocks, armored doors...

Penguins Mod Minecraft 0

Penguins Mod

You don’t know what else you can add to your Minecraft 1.12.2? Then diversify the game with penguins, cute creatures living in cold biomes who love cold, snow and fish, but hate polar bears....