Category: Minecraft 1.12 Mods

Floating Rails Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 0

Floating Rails Mod [1.12.2]

Unmodified Minecraft won’t allow you to place rails on water, although in some cases it is very necessary. The same applies to lava and any other liquids. What do you have to do? Don’t...

Bibliotheca for Minecraft 0

Bibliotheca [1.12.2]

Bibliotheca is a new library designed to install related modifications requiring it. There’re many different similar libraries, but if you don’t understand what it is and what it does, this is the answer. Bibliotheca...

Patchwork Mod [1.12.2] 0

Patchwork Mod [1.12.2]

Many different changes will be included in Minecraft if you install the Patchwork Mod. It adds completely different things, but the priority is the monetary and trading system. That is, as a seller, you’ll...