Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta / 1.20.80 Release

While the bulk of the additions happened in version 1.19, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20 starts with other features that you might have seen in Java. So where do we start when the entire changelog is almost 11 pages long? In fact, 1.20 comes with a huge amount of bug fixes as well as tweaks to make gameplay more comfortable and efficient in terms of performance. But among that, there’re some features here as well that you should definitely be aware of.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20 Features

Cherry Grove Biome

The first place you should visit after updating MC is the cherry blossoms. An amazing biome that has become one of two new additions in the last few releases. Cherry trees grow there, forming an incredible landscape.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20

New blocks and plants

  • Cherry Log
  • Cherry Leaves
  • Pink Petals

Minecraft PE 1.20 blossom

Hanging Signs

This is a new type of sign placed under block. Something similar has already been implemented in the format of small add-ons that bring hanging signs to Minecraft: PE. Now, in they are added as one of the features, especially having received a big bug fix from previous versions.

Minecraft PE 1.20 hanging sign Minecraft PE 1.20 hanging sign

Here is an example recipe for a cherry sign that can be crafted in the first hours of play. Don’t forget chains that are part of any hanging sign. Plus, the signs can be edited without breaking them anymore. A simple tap on one opens the editing interface.



The mob chosen as new in the Trails & Tales update (1.20.0) is the camel. What can you say when you see it in your Minecraft world? Like the rest of the animals, this one has quite the appropriate behavior – it is a neutral mob that loves cacti and is able to carry up to two players on its back at the same time.

Minecraft PE 1.20 camels


  • Rideable up to two players
  • Breedable and healable with cactus
  • Able to climb 1.5 high blocks
  • Dashing charging ability

Minecraft PE 1.20 camels Minecraft PE 1.20 camels

Armor Trims

Also, many fans have been looking forward to the introduction of armor trim smithing templates and blacksmithing tables with the ability to apply them to armor. Actually the armor trims are decorative trims for your armor with no any additional properties given to you. These are decorations that turn your armor set into unique items.

Smithing templates, by the way, are generated in structures and biomes, which you should get first of all. The process of applying templates consists of several parts, one of which is the secondary material.

Suspicious Blocks

In Minecraft: PE 1.20.0, some attention is paid to archeology, of which suspicious blocks are a part. They are suspicious sand and gravel generated in some structures and underwater. Their difference is the archaeological value – the brush will allow you to remove layer by layer to get pottery shards.

Pitcher Plant and Pitcher Pod

Sniffers as mobs of Trails & Tales Update are able to dig up a new type of ancient plant/seed called a pitcher pod. Like the rest of the plants in MC:PE 1.20, this one goes through several growth stages to eventually grow into a beautiful flower. It can be used for feeding some animals and breeding sniffers themselves.


Minecraft 1.20 Changelogs (the main changes)

      • Minecraft PE Beta (All changes)
        • 2 fixes


Download Minecraft PE 1.20.80 [Apple Store]
Download Minecraft PE 1.20.80 [Google Play Store]
Download Minecraft PE 1.20.80 [Microsoft Store]

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