Inner Core Engine (Minecraft PE)

We need to start with the fact that Inner Core is the ideal environment for creating and developing mods in Minecraft PE. It’s very similar to BlockLauncher, but it has many advantages. When developing, the creator took into account many problems of BL and added huge opportunities for mod developers, so if you want to write a mod then pay attention to this engine.

Created by Qwertbox Bobylev

What’s this?

  • Lots of development opportunities
  • Mods are well compatible with each other
  • Ability to install many mods at once
  • Fast processing speed
  • A wide range of tools (both in the technical and in the graphical component)
  • The ideal basis for creating technical modifications

It’s worth noting that Inner Core does not require installed MCPE, the game is already built in and you just need to install the application itself.

Upd. v1.1.1.42

  • Added classic interface;
  • Simple and expanded saving of your worlds;
  • Added new features for IC modmakers;

Inner Core installation

  1. Download the file and run it.
  2. To install any IC mod, you need to insert the file into the games/com.mojang/mods folder.

Download Inner Core Engine v1.1.1.40

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