Minecraft Bedrock Edition (21) Changelog

Features and Bug Fixes

Wild Update Features

  • Wild Update features no longer require the experimental toggle to be enabled
  • Added new Wild Update splash screen texts
  • Added new Wild Update loading screen tips

Mangrove Swamp Biome

  • Added Mangrove Swamp biome
  • Added Mangrove Tree feature
  • Added Mangrove Propagule base functionality
  • Added Mangrove Roots and Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Added all the new Mangrove Wood Types


  • Added Mud related block recipes
  • Implemented Mud walking/sinking

Mud Block

  • Added base Mud block functionality
  • Added Mud block sounds
  • Added Mud block renewability

Mud Brick Blocks

  • Added Mud Brick block
  • Added Mud Brick sounds
  • Added Mud Brick Slab/Stair/Wall blocks

Packed Mud

  • Added Packed Mud block


  • Allay can now be leashed if it is already holding an item
  • Allay can now be named by a Name Tag if it is already holding an item
  • Allays now have initial sounds
  • Allay now move slower when not attempting to follow its owner, and will only start following its owner from a further distance than before


  • Frogs no longer croak while they are eating mobs


  • Fixed a bug where Wardens temporarily could miss noticing vibrations, and Allays could miss noticing that Note Blocks were being played
  • Stop Warden from getting angry at itself and inanimate mobs
  • The Darkness effect now has a black distance fog, similar to how the Blindness effect works
  • Parrots now imitate the Warden
  • The Warden has a new angry listening sound
  • The Warden now has updated sounds and custom death and hurt sounds
  • Allow Warden to preserve anger level towards despawned entities
  • Fixed eroded Badlands biome placement error that caused it to fragment

Sculk Sensor

  • Sculk Sensors can now detect a wider range of vibrations
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players sneaking on top of them
  • Sculk Sensors cannot detect players shooting an arrow while sneaking anymore
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players falling in Lava
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players sneaking in Water
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect landing projectiles
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect containers being opened or closed
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Candles being placed, lit, or unlit
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect players eating food or drinking potions
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Goat Horns being played
  • Sculk Sensors can now detect Big Dripleaves changing their state

Accessibility Features

  • There is now a Darkness effect strength slider in Settings that adjusts how dark the screen can get during the effect


  • Fixed a texture bug in the Warden’s bioluminescent texture where the right arm’s bottom face didn’t have bioluminescent colors
  • Updated fog JSON schema to allow distance fog settings to use negative value as ‘fog_start’. Allowing nearby blocks to also be tinted with fog color
  • Added adjustable fog effect that can expand or shrink over time. Users will get the sense of eyes adjusting when going into water

Mobile Touch Controls

  • Block highlights will no longer stay if players lift their block breaking finger off the screen while still using a second finger to move around with non-classic touch controls
  • Fixed issue where Boats were not controllable with new touch controls
  • Fixed issue where players were not able to descend while on top of Scaffolding
  • Removed inversion of movement when in front facing third-person camera


  • Fixed a bug causing the Parrot’s head to always face the player while riding the player
  • Fixed bug causing player to take fall damage after getting into a Bed while falling
  • Fixed bug causing baby Llamas to fire llama spit from above their head
  • Fixed a crash when loading a Behavior Pack with non-JSON object in entity components, component_groups, and “add”/”remove” events
  • Fences and Walls no longer connect to Bells


  • Fixed a bug where the Trident, Bow, Spyglass, Crossbow, and Shield would not be visible when held by an Allay
  • Fixed a bug where the Trident, Bow, Spyglass and Crossbow would not render when picked up by a Fox
  • Mirrored the Spider’s left legs
  • Mirrored the Wolf’s left ear and left legs
  • Fixed a bug where the Brewing Stand’s arms textures did not touch the base
  • Moved the Brewing Stand’s base UVs and updated the base texture
  • Fixed the Brewing Stand’s arms rotation

Updated Block Textures

  • Created a better transition between the End Portal Frame side texture and the End Stone
  • Removed unused pixels in the End Rod texture
  • Updated the Mycelium’s side texture to match other dirt-based textures


  • Fixed a bug where End Crystal beams would point far above their target blocks
  • Fixed a bug causing z-fighting to occur on bottom of player’s head while wearing a Skull

Mobile Controls

  • Fixed issue where the Invert Y Axis setting was not working correctly with touch controls

Wandering Trader

  • The Wandering Trader no longer opens or closes doors
  • The Wandering Trader now randomly moves around
  • The Wandering Trader now matches Java Edition’s drinking sounds
  • The Wandering Trader now has disappear/reappear sound effects when gaining/losing Invisibility
  • The Wandering Trader can now be named with a Name Tag (this will not prevent it from despawning)

Stability and Performance

  • Cleaned up leftover biome/block/light memory when leaving a world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when lightning hits a Lightning Rod in certain scenarios

User Interface

  • Added appropriate messaging when there is no internet connection on Xbox devices

Vanilla Parity


  • Villagers will no longer begin sleeping while riding something near a Bed

Technical Updates


  • Volume instances are now stored in the world, persisting between play sessions
  • Limit path strings and loc ID strings in data-driven blocks to 256 characters
  • Limit the length of crafting tag strings in CraftingTableComponent to 64 characters
  • Limit the number of elements in the material_instancesfield of the BlockMaterialInstancesComponent to 64
  • Limit the number of elements in the conditionsand block_filter fields of the BlockPlacementFieldComponent to 64
  • Updated documentation for originand size fields of the minecraft:block_collision and minecraft:aim_collision components

Item Components

  • Added new data-driven Item component minecraft:chargeable- Allows the item to be charged (like Apples or Bows) when the use action button is held on_complete – Trigger executed when the items use duration has been completed


  • Reload command will now discover new function and script files

Dedicated Server

  • Enable Windows Dedicated Server console to read UTF-16 encoded unicode input


  • Added in check to prevent an actor that is a passenger from being ridden by the vehicle it is on preventing an infinite loop looking for the root vehicle

AI Goals

  • Exposed new data parameter “can_sleep_while_riding” for “minecraft.behavior.sleep”. If set to false, the goal will not start if the mob is riding


  • The ‘/spreadplayers’ command will now avoid more hazardous locations


  • Fixed crashing issue on some Marketplace worlds


  • Actor properties can now be applied to player entities. Updated network protocol version to support this


  • Entities that use KnockbackRoarGoal can once again properly use entity filters to determine damage


  • Fixed a crash in query.variant related to thrown potions and invalid potion IDs

Experimental Features

GameTest Framework

  • Fixed Date.now() to no longer truncate to a 32-bit integer

mojang-gametest module: Test

  • Added function rotateVector- Rotates a vector relative to the GameTest structure rotation

mojang-minecraft module

  • New property on Player: onScreenDisplay : ScreenDisplay – exposes a new interface to trigger on screen content
  • ScreenDisplay Type
    • setTitle(title : String, options? : TitleDisplayOptions) – cause a title to show up on the player’s HUD, optionally specifying the subtitle and fade in, stay and fade out times
    • clearTitle() – clear title and subtitle
    • updateSubtitle(subtitle : String) – update the subtitle (but not the title)
    • setActionBar(text : String) – set the action bar text
  • TitleDisplayOptions object
    • subtitle? : String – optional subtitle
    • fadeInSeconds : Int – number of seconds to fade in new title and subtitle
    • staySeconds : Int – number of seconds to have the title and subtitle stay on screen
    • fadeOutSeconds : Int – number of seconds to fade out title and subtitle

Support of dynamic properties that script can use to persist data per-World or per-Entity.  Note that properties must be registered using the propertyRegistry in the new WorldInitialize event

  • DynamicPropertiesDefinition
    • Added function defineNumber(identifier: string): void- Defines a dynamic number property
    • Added function defineString(identifier: string, maxLength: number): void- Defines a dynamic string property
    • Added function defineBoolean(identifier: string): void- Defines a dynamic boolean property
    • Added event worldInitialize(worldInitializeEvent: WorldInitializeEvent)- Fires during world load and contains the property registry used for declaring dynamic properties
  • PropertyRegistry
    • Added function registerEntityTypeDynamicProperties(propertiesDefinition: DynamicPropertiesDefinition, entityType: EntityType)- Registers dynamic property definitions for the given EntityType
    • Added function registerWorldDynamicProperties(propertiesDefinition: DynamicPropertiesDefinition)- Registers property definitions for the world
  • World object/Entity object additions:
    • Added function setDynamicProperty(identifier: string, value: boolean | string | number)- Adds a dynamic property to the world/entity
    • Added function getDynamicProperty(identifier: string): boolean | string | number- Gets a dynamic property from the world/entity if it exists, otherwise returns undefined
    • Added function removeDynamicProperty(identifier: string): boolean- Removes a dynamic property value from the world/entity
  • New events:
    • Added event events.projectileHit- Fires when a projectile hits a Block or Entity
    • Added event events.itemStartUseOn- Sent when the player first interacts with a block
    • Added event events.itemStopUseOn- Sent when fire if the block is successfully interacted with and the block has changed – such as when grass is turned to a path with a Shovel
    • Added event events.itemStartCharge– Sent when the player first starts using a charging/animated item
    • Added event events.itemCompleteCharge- Sent when the item has completed its charge action
    • Added event events.itemReleaseCharge- Sent when the user has finished using the item and released the build action
    • Added event events.itemStopCharge- Sent either when the player has finished an items use cycle or when the player has released the use action with the item
    • ItemStartUseOnEvent Added read only property buildBlockLocation- The result build block position. Useful for determining where a block was placed
    • Added member player?: Playerto the LeverActivate event – The player that activated the lever

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