Better Mob Animations Addon [1.19]

Exclusively animations are included in the Better Mob Animations Addon, which works with 35 mobs at the moment. This looks more like a cosmetic resource pack, acting as a kind of realism to entity movements in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19. This in turn makes it something more important than a pack of simple textures. Each of the mobs subject to change receives several new animations at once, relating to everyday actions and emotions.

Finished/under work Mobs

  1. Allay
  2. Cat
  3. Cave Spider
  4. Chicken
  5. Cow
  6. Creeper
  7. Donkey
  8. Drowned
  9. Enderman
  10. Evocation Illager
  11. Fox
  12. Glow Squid
  13. Goat
  14. Horse
  15. Husk
  16. Iron Golem
  17. Mooshroom
  18. Mule
  19. Ocelot
  20. Pig
  21. Sheep
  22. Skeleton
  23. Skeleton Horse
  24. Spider
  25. Squid
  26. Stray
  27. Vex
  28. Villager
  29. Vindicator
  30. Wandering Trader
  31. Warden
  32. Wolf
  33. Zombie
  34. Zombie Horse
  35. Zombie Villager


Better Mob Animations Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources -> enable the pack.

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