Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.21.0 – Tricky Trials

The upcoming 1.21 update is set to be impressive as Minecraft turns 15! With great joy, which does not yet have an exact name, it is guaranteed to receive the following features listed below. And of course, all these are not final, Mojang will try to do a little more by adding wider functionality to everything that will be discussed now.

This is not a desert update as previously thought. MineLive 23 confirmed this by showing a global update through major features. The information presented here is marked as unconfirmed if there is any suggestion of the accuracy of its inclusion in Bedrock Edition 1.21.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21 Features


The Breeze

The face of the upcoming update is the breeze that looks a little strange to many. This is the first entity in Minecraft that moves and attacks using the power of wind, which is extremely unusual. In appearance, this is a standard-sized mob in a small tornado, so to speak. Its characteristics are presented below.

  • Hostile and not tameable
  • Has average damage from wind attacks
  • Resistant to arrows
  • Can jump and slide across surfaces
  • Able to interact with buttons and levers by toggling them
  • Found in trial chambers (likely to be more common in other structures)


The Armadillo is the extra mob chosen at Minecraft Live this year. There is not much reliable information, but according to statements from the developers, armadillos in Minecraft: PE 1.21 will be another type of animal that lives in deserts.

  • Neutral (whether we can tame it is unknown)
  • Hides in its scute when there is a threat
  • Drops a scute used in wolf armor recipe


Trial Chambers

The application of so many new blocks took place in this new structure. Trial chambers are large underground rooms combined into a single structure inhabited by hostile mobs, including the breeze. Once there you will find a lot of copper around forming the walls and floor, as well as tuff blocks included in the list of what the trial rooms are generated from.

  • Generated underground in the overworld
  • Contains loot chests and mob spawners
  • Spawning mobs are divided into categories

Blocks & Items

Trial Spawners

Immediately after the tial chamber comes a new type of spawner, shown in the Minecraft Bedrock 1.21.0 gameplay video. As shown, this block is something similar to a mob spawner with a few differences.

Firstly, the difficulty of trial spawners increases depending on the number of players near it. That is, if you come to the structure with your friend, the trial spawner will summon more monsters than if you were alone.

Secondly, the new spawner has a reward system after you defeat all the mobs spawned by it. As a reward there is loot and also a new item – a trial key.

Trial Keys

And the last item related to trial chambers in MC:PE 1.21 is the trial key. While there is no information on where it is used and what it unlocks, the only thing we know is that it drops as a reward after defeating a trial spawner.


The most long-awaited block in 1.21 automates the crafting process. Having a crafter at home and programming it, you can safely do what you would like. While you are traveling, the block crafts items and sends the result to where you installed it, otherwise it simply throws blocks next to it.

This is a very useful feature, more like those added by mods. Its interface replicates the crafting table allowing you to set the recipes yourself. Connect it to a redstone signal and it will start producing items.

Armadillo Scute

What new mob can do without special items? MCPE 1.21 or MCBE 1.21 holds one of the confirmed items used in crafting wolf armor. It’s called armadillo scute and, oddly enough, it drops from armadillos. If you want to get one, go to the nearest desert, which is the habitat of armadillos in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.

Wolf Armor

One of the important components in wolf armor is the armadillo scute. By putting armor on your pet, you increase its resistance to various damage, thereby prolonging its life.

Copper Blocks & Items

Oxidized and waxed

  1. Chiseled Copper
  2. Copper Doors
  3. Copper Trapdoor
  4. Copper Grates
  5. Copper Bulb

Tuff Blocks

Polished and Chiseled

  1. Tuff Slabs
  2. Tuff Stairs
  3. Tuff Wall
  4. Tuff Bricks

These blocks are more common in trial chambers than anywhere else. Copper objects, by the way, completely inherit the behavior of copper when interacting with oxygen.

Crafting Recipes


    • Minecraft PE 1.21.0 Release (Changelog →)
      • Official name is Tricky Trials
      • Added breeze and bogged
      • Added trial chambers, trial spawner and ominous trial spawner
      • Added new enchantments
      • Added mace
      • Added vault and ominous vault
      • Added many new items

Release Date and Downloads

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition released on April 18

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition released on April 24

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition released on June 5

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.21.0 released on June 13

Download Minecraft PE 1.21 [Apple Store]
Download Minecraft PE 1.21 [Google Play Store]
Download Minecraft PE 1.21 [Microsoft Store]

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