Skin packs Collection [Minecraft PE 1.2]

There are three small skin packs for Minecraft 1.2 with absolutely different themes. The advantage of skin packs is the ease of installation and saving time. You don’t need to search for each skin and then install it separately. The skin packs feature introduced not so long ago and is a paid function, any player can go to the MCPE market and buy a favorite skin pack for a small price. In this post you can download a skin pack for free and install it very quickly and easily.

Camouflage pack

First of all, this skin pack is created for those who want to hide themselves from the eyes of others. There are skins for any environment (ground, all types of trees, stones, etc.) and they perfectly merge with the background that you can only see if you come close. Camouflage can be used in mini-games where you need to find other players. This does not work with mobs so do not assume that you are safe next to a creeper or zombie.

Skin-packs-Collection minecraft pe

VanillaGrinders pack

This small skin pack adds unique skins from the VanillaGrinders team. Each skin is more suitable for playing on servers than for normal single mode. The fact is that skins are very different from each other and are well remembered, and this is the perfect combination for multiplayer.

Skin-packs-Collection minecraft pe

YouTube pack

This combines virtually all youtubers relevant to Minecraft. If you love MC then you will definitely find someone who shoots great Minecraft videos in this pack. Skins are no different from the original ones that everyone should like.

Skin-packs-Collection minecraft pe

Download Camouflage pack
Download VanillaGrinders pack
Download Youtube pack

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