BlockLauncher 1.25 [Minecraft PE]

BlockLauncher Minecraft PE

By installing Minecraft Pocket Edition, you have to download BlockLauncher if you want to add mods, texture packs, addons and other additions. This software helps you to install any modification in a few seconds. Also, you get a variety of unique features such as video recording, fast skins installation and more.

Features and main functions

  • Now, you can without any problem install any mod, script, addon, patch, texture pack, or shader in Minecraft PE;
  • If you like to shoot videos for Youtube, using the Blocklauncher will make it a lot easier;
  • Ability to set the exact settings such as full screen mode, DPI setting.

BL v. 1.25:

  • Upd. for Minecraft PE 1.11.0 and 1.11.1.
  • MCPE 1.12 Beta compatibility.

BL v. 1.21.2:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock Ed 1.9.
  • Temporarily no ModPE scripts support.

BL v. 1.20.1:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock Ed 1.7.
  • Includes versions up to the fifth beta (
  • Works in beta mode.

BL v. 1.20:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock Ed 1.6.
  • The first beta for MCPE 1.7 appears immediately after the release for the 1.6 branch.
  • Fixed some methods.
  • Bug fixes.

BL v. 1.18.1:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock Ed 1.4.4.

BL v. 1.18:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock Ed 1.4.2.
  • Fixed custom item textures.

BL v. 1.17.8:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock 1.2.9. Also compatible with 1.2.8.
  • Fixed several bugs.

BL v. 1.17.7:

  • Upd. for Minecraft Bedrock (PE)
  • Fixed some methods and also connected previously turned off.

BL v. 1.17.(2/3):

  • Full compatibility with MCPE 1.2 (+1.2.3).
  • Supports all methods, PE .modpkg mods work correctly.

BL v. 1.16.3:

  • Works on Minecraft PE 1.2.
  • There may be errors during the game.

BL v. 1.16.2:

  • Fixed a bug during the opening of worlds with modified objects.
  • Works on Minecraft PE 1.1.4.
  • The next update is planned after the release of 1.1.5.

BL v. 1.16:

  • Added support for PE, there are some limitations, but the basic functions work fine.
  • Crashes and other errors will be fixed in the pro version.

BL v. 1.15.5 Beta:

  • Supports MCPE;
  • There may be errors when installing PE modifications.

BL v. 1.15.2 Beta:

  • Added support for MC:PE 1.0.2;
  • Bug fixes of some methods which makes it possible to install different mods without errors;
  • It is quite possible the next version will support Minecraft PE 1.0.3.

BL v. 1.41.1:

  • Support for Minecraft PE 0.16.0;
  • Some methods such as Level.playSound, addParticle, and others are not available. The next version will fix it.

BlockLauncher installation

  1. Run the application and follow the instructions.
  2. Don’t remove the shortcut to the game.

If you want to install mods then run the app (BL) and click on the wrench. It is in the center of the screen but in betas it is slightly shifted to the right.

Download BlockLauncher 1.13.7 [Minecraft PE 0.15.10]
Download BlockLauncher 1.14.1 [Minecraft PE 0.16.0]
Download BlockLauncher 1.15.2 Beta [Minecraft PE 1.0.2]
Download BlockLauncher 1.15.5 Beta [Minecraft PE]
Download BlockLauncher 1.16 [Minecraft PE 1.1]
Download BlockLauncher 1.16.2 [PE 1.1.4]
Download BlockLauncher 1.16.3 [PE 1.2]
Download BlockLauncher 1.17 [PE 1.2]
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.3 [PE 1.2.3]
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.7 [PE 1.2.6]
Download BlockLauncher 1.17.8 [PE 1.2.9]
Download BlockLauncher 1.18 [PE 1.4.1/1.4.2]
Download BlockLauncher 1.18.1 [PE 1.4.4]
Download BlockLauncher 1.20 [PE 1.6]
Download BlockLauncher 1.20.1 [PE 1.7 Betas]
Download BlockLauncher 1.21.2 [PE 1.9 Betas]
Download BlockLauncher 1.25 [PE 1.11 & 1.12]

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