Minecraft PE 0.16 – changlelog and release date

More recently, developers have shared with some information about the game at the Minecon convention. It was about a lot of things, do not forget about MCPE 0.16.0. In the past month developers have released a beta version of the game to test new features and bug fixes. In the new version we have seen such features as ocean monument, the wither, the beacon, and some of new blocks. But these innovations are only the beginning of the test. After all, the version called 0.15.9. Therefore, the next version (Minecraft PE 0.16.0) will add a lot of new.

October 18 finally, there will be the main test of the beta version. Of course, at first the developers will release MCPE builds, and then we will see the full release. All it will take about a month. In any case, we just need to wait. And most importantly is a changelog. Currently, this list is incomplete, but it is quite enough for an interesting update.

Minecraft PE 0.16.0 changes:

A new feature – add-ons (read below).
The ability to use console commands.
Sea lantern.
As mentioned above, the ocean monument and the wither.
Prismarine and items for it.
Nether star.
Wet sponge.
The new mobile is guard.
Camera to take screenshots.
New GUI.
The new version has improved performance.
And other features.

A little about the addons.

The developers have added a great feature. Now the player can change almost any parameter in the game with this feature. It’s pretty simple, and you do not need special programming skills. For example, you can change the size of the mobs, their damage, speed and other characteristics. Must see video below and you’ll understand. With the add-on, you can make almost anything.

At the moment, these are the main features of the new update. We have to wait for October 18th and hope to see it all in the game. Besides, Mojang working on the next version – Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.17.

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    God, I feel like I shloud be takin notes! Great work

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