Gold Rush Map [MCPE 1.1]

Gold Rush is a competition map where several players have to get as many ore as possible. The winner can only be one and they will be the one who gets more points than rivals. There is an extremely low probability that two players have scored the same number of points and then you need to repeat the game.

Creator: Fizzman

Gold Rush Map

The map contains several mechanisms that automatically count the time and control the entire game. Pay attention to every little thing and get as much ore as possible with the help of deposits of ores or minecarts.

Gold Rush Map [MCPE 1.1]

To start the game all players must take tools to extract resources and teleport to a mine, the countdown begins immediately. At the end of time, the participants in the game must take stock and count all the ore mined.

Download Gold Rush Map [MCPE 1.1]

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