Slendytubbies Addon [MCPE]

Teletubbies if you remember are cute and funny creatures living in their fairy-tale world amicably and without hints of blood. And now everything will be the opposite, teletubbies are pursuing one goal is to kill you! 4 new creepy creatures will appear in your world, they are spawned everywhere and don’t stand in one place. You can not look for them, they’ll do it faster than you.

Created by ArathNidoGamer

Slendytubbies Addon for MCPE

Mobs in the Slendytubbies Addon (Health / Damage)

  • Scythe Tubby (30 / 7)
  • White Scythe (30 / 4)
  • Glutton Tubby (25 / 10)
  • Curly (30 / 5)

All Teletubbies talk so they can hardly come to you from behind. Each of them lives only in a certain biome, more travel.

Slendytubbies Addon for MCPE

Slendytubbies Addon installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcpack).
  2. Open the pack via Minecraft PE.

Download Slendytubbies Addon for Minecraft PE

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