ContinuumPE Shader v0.3

Prepare your smartphone for the most powerful shaders in MCPE. This is explained by the fact that Continuum PE does not only replace the sky and shadows, but also adds a lot of new things that are not in the original game. Undoubtedly, the shader requires an advanced device for normal operation without critical problems. First of all, ContinuumPE is distinguished from other shaders by a beautiful realistic picture, the world is filled with perfect and pleasing colors for the eyes.

ContinuumPE Shader MCPE ContinuumPE Shader MCPE

Created by Flows

What’s inside?

  • Realistic shadow system
  • New sky with clouds and cosmic bodies
  • Tone mapping
  • Fog levels
  • A new property of water – small waves
  • Realistic weather
  • Pleasant glow

ContinuumPE Shader MCPE ContinuumPE Shader MCPE

ContinuumPE Shader installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcpack).
  2. Open the shader using Minecraft PE.
  3. Support Android/iOS

Download ContinuumPE Shader for Minecraft PE (v0.3)

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