Mega Skyblock Map [1.2]

This map is a difficult test where you have to use your brain and come up with a clear survival plan. You’re spawned in the sky on a small island, there is nothing around you except for the other islands that need to be explored.

Mega Skyblock Map minecraft pe 1.2

Each captured island has a limited supply of resources or has another meaning directed at the story or the exchange of objects. After several hours of playing, you”ll not have time to reach all the islands provided you play survival mode.

Created by: TGC_YT

Mega Skyblock Map minecraft pe 1.2 Mega Skyblock Map minecraft pe 1.2

Saving resources is your best friend in this challenge, resources are limited and they are not even enough for a home. During the game, you get some tasks, try to solve them to get a small bonus. Don’t forget to think about food, compact farms allow you to live as long as possible and experienced players will be able to spend whole weeks in Mega Skyblock.

Mega Skyblock installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcworld) and open it using Minecraft.
  2. Start the game and select the map.

Download Mega Skyblock Map

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