Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE 1.1]

Ovo’s Rustic has long been a leader in the realistic texture packs category for Minecraft. In fact, the pack replaces absolutely everything except for the interface. If you have a beautiful medieval map, then the Ovo’s Rustic textures perfectly complements it and you’ll look at homes, lawns and animals for a very long time.

Creator: MrChuyitoGames

Ovo’s Rustic [MCPE] Ovo’s Rustic [MCPE] Ovo’s Rustic

This pack is a ported version but almost all the details have been successfully transferred to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Running can take a few minutes because of the rather high resolution of the textures, but do not expect to see bugs or crashes.

Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE] Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE] Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE 1.1] Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE 1.1]

Download Ovo’s Rustic [64x] [MCPE 1.1]

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