Faithful Resource Pack [32x/64x] [RTX] [1.17/1.20/pre-1.21]

In its original form, Faithful is characterized by smooth and soft textures, creating colorful and picturesque landscapes. Millions of downloads and hundreds of updates have made these resources part of the default pack for many players around the world. There’s no reason not to install it if your goals are to give Minecraft new life. Scroll down and see with your own eyes how important a role texture packs play, especially ones like this.

Presented Versions

The base one is 32×32, higher resolutions become experiments but with the preservation of familiar textures. There is RTX edition for PCs with 32x textures, be sure to try it. Screenshots were taken at 128x resolution.


    • Added new items and entities from the upcoming 1.21 update

Faithful Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack

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