Fantasy Weapons Resource Pack [1.19/1.20]

As a weapon resource pack, Fantasy Weapons is doing a big redesign of existing melee weapons, replacing them with more detailed ones. More than 30 items have been added as new items, replacing vanilla ones such as iron, gold, diamond sword and others. This is a good solution when you want to bring colorful weapons to Minecraft: PE without changing their properties and compatibility rules with other texture packs.

Fantasy Weapon List

  1. Vindicator Axe
  2. Vesper
  3. Ruthless Waraxe
  4. Oculus
  5. Iron Halberd
  6. Iron Dagger
  7. Iron Broadsword
  8. Iron Battle Axe
  9. Dragon Sword
  10. Demonslayer Greatsword
  11. Demonic Sword
  12. Claymore
  13. Calamity Blade
  14. Bow
  15. Azure Shortsword
  16. Azure Scythe
  17. Azure Greatsword
  18. Azure Greataxe


Fantasy Weapons Resource Pack

Fantasy Weapons Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack

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