Enderite Addon [1.18.12+] [RTX]

Enderite Addon is a multiple change to the End instead of the planned Minecraft official updates. What does it do by considering its features? Changing the overall picture of the End dimension is the number one idea. The added blocks are already included in the world generation, taking part in the generation of the updated dimension.

Enderite Addon

RTX support

For an even more impressive look, you need two ingredients: graphics card with RTX and RTX resource pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This greatly transforms the visual component of the addon; it’s not necessary, however.

Enderite Addon

Enderite Blocks

  • End Grass
  • Purple End Bricks
  • Asteroid Residues
  • End Planks
  • End Log
  • End Mushroom
  • End Purple Block
  • Purple Pillar
  • Warped Purple End Bricks
  • Ender Block
  • End Wart Block
  • Warped Na’vi Plant
  • Na’vi Plant
  • Na’vi Plant with Fruits
  • End Flower
  • Ender Warped Block
  • End Stone Pillar
  • Chiseled End Stone Cubic
  • End Stone Brick
  • End Shroomlight
  • Chiseled End Stone Maze
  • Smooth End Stone
  • Cracked End Stone Bricks
  • Enderite Ore
  • Melted End Stone
  • Stripped End Log
  • Stripped End Wood
  • Chiseled End Stone
  • End Stone Block
  • Enderite Block
  • End Vines
  • End Stone Farmland
  • End Wood
  • End Bush
  • Mossy End Stone Brick
  • End Trap
  • Bluishe Mushroom
  • Bluishe Bush
  • Bluishe Wart Block
  • Bluishe Soul Grass
  • End Emerald Ore
  • End Emerald Block
  • End Roots
  • Bluishe Bark Lantern
  • Bluishe Light Log
  • Bluishe Log
  • Bluishe Planks
  • Stripped Bluishe Log
  • End Path
  • Melted Residues

Enderite Entitites

  1. End Blaze
  2. End Cow
  3. End Zombie
  4. Purpurfly
  5. End Villager


Enderite Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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