Legendary RT Resource Pack [32x/64x] [RTX] [1.20]

PBR texture packs are more relevant today than ever! And one of these is Legendary RT, which came to the community as super realistic textures in different versions for both RTX PCs and simple mobile devices without. In either case, these are 64×64 sets of blocks along with scripting features that recreate impressive visual effects. So, what do you get by downloading the presented demo?

Legendary RT Demo

It all starts with a demo and ends with FullHD. As of today, there are 3 editions differing in texture resolution and some technical features. Basic – free version offering a fourfold increase in vanilla resolution and a set of scripts that work in conjunction with textures.


Legendary RT Resource Pack Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack

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