Realistic Sky Textures [MCPE 1.2]

Are you already tired of Cubic clouds and the square sun? Then the special texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock is presented to your attention modifying the entire upper part of the world. To put it more accurately, the sky will be completely replaced by a realistic one, but with a little nuance – this is just textures, which means no clouds move.

Created by RyFol

Realistic Sky Minecraft Bedrock Realistic Sky Minecraft Bedrock

This may seem like a big minus for somebody, but very soon this feature will be fixed. To immerse yourself in full-fledged realism, I advise you to download the CSSBE Shader compatible with Android and iOS, or any other natural shaders for MC: PE.

Realistic Sky Textures Realistic Sky Textures

CSSBE Shader installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcpack).
  2. Open the shader using Minecraft PE.
  3. Support Android/iOS

Download Realistic Sky Textures for MCPE [Android/iOS]

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