Daft Punk Skin Pack

Daft Punk is a popular musical duo, their individual style originated more than ten years ago and still this duet pleases listeners with beautiful music. Who said you can never reincarnate in your favorite artist?

Daft Punk Skin Pack

The Daft Punk Pack contains 18 wonderful skins made from different performances. As in reality, all skins look like robots but in different suits. Minecraft 1.2 Bedrock is a priority version for any skin pack.

Daft Punk Skin Pack MCPE

Daft Punk Skin Pack installation:

  1. Download the pack and open it via MCPE.
  2. Go to the skin menu and select any of the presented skins.

Download Daft Punk Skin Pack for MCPE

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  1. dehpotatobard says:

    could this be put directly on to the marketplace

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