CSSBE Shader [Android/iOS]

You have a low-end smartphone, tablet or computer, but you really want to change the game and give it realism? Well, CSSBE is able to surprise anyone who has never seen beautiful shaders in Minecraft PE thanks to a modified nature. The main emphasis was placed on the sky, the clouds are well modeled and resemble the sky that is above you in the afternoon.

Created by Caleb Sonnichsen

CSSBE Shader Minecraft PE CSSBE Shader Minecraft PE CSSBE Shader Minecraft PE

What’s this?

Do not confuse texture-packs and shaders, they have different purposes. Shaders do not replace textures in most cases, they improve lighting, weather, sky and clouds, sun rays and add realistic natural phenomena.

The CSSBE Shader is a stripped-down version for inexpensive devices and at the same time it is brilliant beyond analogues.

CSSBE Shader installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcpack).
  2. Open the shader using Minecraft PE.
  3. Support Android/iOS

Download CSSBE Shader for Minecraft PE 1.2

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