Motor Course 2 Map [1.14.4/1.15]

A second Edition and even more fun is already included in this map. As before, you have to remember the parkour discipline that has one big difference from static parkour maps for Minecraft. This may remind you of racing mobile games where cars are moving at high speed in oncoming traffic. No 2D, all actions occur as conceived by the game in three dimensions.

What you need to do?

Diamonds are the things you should think about always risking your life. Cars that are always in motion serve as steps in ordinary parkour and car roofs are a small base. Jump from car to car to reach the diamonds. Oh yes, diamonds can be on any car and no matter in which place.

Game modes

In the original game, there is only one mode with a set car speed. You can’t influence this in any way unless you understand the command blocks. Multiplayer fans can invite partners and arrange a collective passage. Game version: from 1.13.2 to 1.15 inclusive, even playing snapshots.


Motor Course 2 Map Motor Course 2 Map Motor Course 2 Map Motor Course 2 Map

Motor Course 2 Map installation

  1. Download the map and unpack it here: /.minecraft/saves.
  2. Start the game by opening the world.

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