Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14]

Here is a great 2D mini game for Minecraft 1.13 and newer where a silverfish will be at your disposal. The gameplay of Silverfish Run comes down to the fact that you’ll control your character with a fishing rod. The game develops something like this: your silverfish starts from the right side and should go to the left. On its way there’ll be falling anvils and walking zombies which are obstacles.

Created by Benjamin874

Silverfish Run [Minecraft] Silverfish Run [Minecraft] Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14]

You need to bypass all the dangers and go through as many levels as possible before you die.
As a map for MC server, Silverfish Run can become a gaming machine where players compete with each other who scores more.

Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14] Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14] Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14] Silverfish Run [1.13.2/1.14]

Silverfish Run Map installation:

  1. Download the map and unpack it here: /.minecraft/saves.
  2. Start the game by opening the world.

Download Silverfish Run for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.14

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