Tech Bunker Map [1.12.1]

Have you ever seen the most fortified place in Minecraft? Tech Bunker is the most secure building of increased strength, even a nuclear strike is unlikely to destroy it. Massive walls protect the inside, no one can jump over them. A small garden is located in the bunker, but you can build a miniature farm for the first time.

Tech Bunker Map Minecraft Tech Bunker Map Minecraft

Inside you will find a large network of corridors and rooms, where you can wait for any apocalypse.In any other case, this bunker would not be different from the others but it has a great advantage – the bunker is equipped with useful for survival mechanisms operating with the help of redstone signals.

Tech Bunker Map Minecraft Tech Bunker Map Minecraft

This means that the entire building is completely autonomous and does not require electricity. Thanks to the barracks, the bunker can accommodate about 40 people. This is one of the best places for Minecraft servers, griffers can not go inside.

Tech Bunker Map installation:

Download the map and unpack it here: /.minecraft/saves.

Download Tech Bunker Map

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