More Slabs Addon [1.19/1.20]

As many of these building addons as possible! These collections will allow you to create amazing buildings. More Slabs gives you the choice between 50 new vanilla-looking slabs to build. Materials are saved in a default form, which means that they can be used in traditional structures.

All Slabs for v1.0

  • Coal Slab
  • Diamond Slab
  • Dirt Path Slab
  • Emerald Slab
  • Endstone Slab
  • Gold Slab
  • Grass Slab
  • Gravel Slab
  • Honey Slab
  • Iron Slab
  • Lapis Slab
  • Netherite Slab
  • Obsidian Slab
  • Red Sand Slab
  • Redstone Slab
  • Sand Slab
  • Slime Slab
  • Glass Slab
  • Glass Black Slab
  • Glass Blue Slab
  • Glass Brown Slab
  • Glass Cyan Slab
  • Glass Green Slab
  • Glass Grey Slab
  • Glass Light Blue Slab
  • Glass Light Gray Slab
  • Glass Lime Slab
  • Glass Magenta Slab
  • Glass Orange Slab
  • Glass Pink Slab
  • Glass Purple Slab
  • Glass Red Slab
  • Glass White Slab
  • Glass Yellow Slab
  • Wool Black Slab
  • Wool Blue Slab
  • Wool Brown Slab
  • Wool Cyan Slab
  • Wool Green Slab
  • Wool Grey Slab
  • Wool Light Blue Slab
  • Wool Light Gray Slab
  • Wool Lime Slab
  • Wool Magenta Slab
  • Wool Orange Slab
  • Wool Pink Slab
  • Wool Purple Slab
  • Wool Red Slab
  • Wool White Slab
  • Wool Yellow Slab

More Slabs Addon


Crafting follows the regular slab recipe in Minecraft; replace the cobblestone with a resource from the list above to get the required slab.

More Slabs Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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