Lucky Blocks Addon [1.20]

Semi-classic Lucky Block Addon of 7 different blocks of happiness and unhappiness with recipes and many surprises. Unlike the classic one, this one gives you 7 options with pre-defined content that you pre-select before opening. This method allows the use of lucky blocks in mini games – you, as the author, will know exactly what awaits the players when they break one. Rain of items, instantly generated structures, hordes of monsters or something else.

Lucky Block Variations [for v3.3.8]

  • Lucky block
  • Unlucky block
  • Good Lucky block
  • Withered Lucky block
  • Lucky drops
  • Setdrop
  • Lucky Mobs
  • Lucky PvP
  • Lucky Structures
  • Lucky Fountain
  • Pumpkin lucky block

Extra Items

  • Lucky Armor Set
  • Wooden Armor Set
  • Grenade
  • Evil Potion
  • Hero´s Potion
  • Less OP Unlucky Potion
  • Super Unlucky Potion
  • Less OP Lucky Potion
  • Super Lucky Potion
  • Snowman Head
  • Christmas Grenade
  • Gold Coin
  • The Sizeable Slimy Scimitar
  • Big set of swords

Crafting Recipes

Lucky Blocks Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources -> enable the pack.

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