YSS RD Shader [RenderDragon] [Patched App]

YSS RD goes beyond the RenderDragon engine to unlock new shader possibilities in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.20 on Android, iOS and even Windows 10/11. It brings up all those features that were typical and loved by everyone in Minecraft before Mojang introduced a new graphics engine that banned a lot of cool things by the way. And now you have the opportunity to test one of the first beta versions of YSS RD along with a patched app.

YSS RD + Patched Minecraft PE 1.20 Features

  • Waves and ripples [dynamic water and clouds reflections]
  • RTX reflections [imitation to the full]
  • Sun/Moon [realistic]
  • Light fog [smooth transitions]
  • Shadows [not for beta 3 yet]
  • Supporting all platforms

How to install shaders on video explanation

YSS RD Shader Installation

  1. Download the file the link below
  2. Install the patched game application
  3. Open the .mcpack file using patched Minecraft PE

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