Military Heavies Pack [Minecraft PE]

Here are the add-ons that relate to the military genre. This pack is constantly updated with new add-ons, download links are below description. At the moment, the addons are compatible with Minecraft PE 1.2.

Tiger I (by Gona)

If you studied history or played video games about WW2, then for certain you can learn this tank among others. Tiger I is a heavy tank and very powerful, capable of destroying houses and exploding mobs. It like any other tank has some features. For example, there is a space for items like a car trunk. Put objects there and they will be safe while the tank is intact.

Military Heavies Pack MCPE

Be sure to increase the volume of the game to hear new sounds. Control does not cause difficulties and is very primitive: just look where you want to go. You’ll need shells for shooting, take them before you get into the tank.

Military Heavies Pack MCPE Military Heavies Pack Military Heavies Pack [Minecraft PE]

The Tank addon adds not only a powerful tank, but also a military uniform and weapons. Open creative inventory to see new items and test them.

Military Heavies Pack [Minecraft PE]

Short description:

  • There are several different colors and camouflage.
  • Use witch spwn eggs to spawn the tank.
  • Storage space (trunk).
  • New weapons: machine gun and grenades.
  • Military uniform.
  • Napalm shells, carefully!


  1. Download one of the addons and run it via Minecraft PE.
  2. Turn on the addon in the settings of your world.

Download Tiger I [MCPE 1.2]

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