Blue’s Shaders v4.3.3 [Minecraft PE 1.2 Beta]

Never before have you seen such a beautiful dawn if you played only the original version of Minecraft without additional textures or shaders. But if you add the Blue’s Shaders to your game, you’ll see radically different landscapes, with the textures remaining unchanged.

Blue's Shaders Minecraft PE

Thanks to the beautiful natural effects, the world will change its appearance: blocks cast a realistic shadow with the right angles, the sunlight falls pleasantly to the ground, and a small wind rustles plants and creates a ripple on the water.

Created by MaxyPE

Blue's Shaders Minecraft PE Blue's Shaders Minecraft PE

Blue’s Shaders features:

  • New shadow system. All the blocks cast a shadow that is perfectly visible at noon.
  • New lighting system. Sunlight and candlelight gently spread over the surfaces.
  • Wind system. The grass and foliage on the trees slowly sway that adds a sense of wind.
  • New celestial objects and clouds. Like other realistic shaders, Blue’s replaces square clouds with natural ones.
  • Modified colors.
  • New weather conditions. Many players mistook the rain badly because of simple rain drops. Now the rainwater falls to the ground under a slight slope.
  • The rest of the features you’ll see in the game.

Blue's Shaders Minecraft PE Blue's Shaders Minecraft PE

Blue’s Shaders installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcpack).
  2. Open the shader using Minecraft PE.
  3. Support Android/iOS

Download Blue's Shaders v4.3.3 [Minecraft 1.2 Beta]

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    Bueno pack que me gusta mucha

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    Me gustaría fuera todo realista

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