3/1 Custom Terrain Map

This map is a ready-made creation where are located arid deserts, snow forests and oases. All three biomes are next to each other that allows players to quickly move from the heat of hell to the cold. There are quite large pyramids left by the ancient civilization. You’re left alone in this place and you have nothing left to do but survival.

3/1 Custom Terrain Map mcpe 3/1 Custom Terrain Map mcpe 3/1 Custom Terrain Map mcpe

There are enough resources, even for a group of players, to build large structures. This is not a limited island so at any time you can continue the journey to either side of the world. This is a big plus of the map because other similar ones are formed in the oceans basically.

3/1 Custom Terrain installation:

  1. Download the file (.mcworld) and open it using Minecraft.
  2. Start the game and select the map.

Download 3/1 Custom Terrain Map

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