Mekanism PE Mod [MCPE]

Mekanism PE is a stand-alone mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition focused on mechanisms and power generation and transmission. This mod is massive and consists of many separate mechanisms, each of which is equipped with a unique interface, consumes a certain fuel and generates energy depending on many factors.

Engine: Inner Core

Created by abdulla000n

Mekanism PE Mod MCPE

What’s inside

Complex of new ores

  • Look for new ores under the ground like vanilla but some of them can’t be mined using standard pickaxes. Use new tools to break the blocks.

New re-melting system

  • More powerful furnaces no longer work on wood or coal. You’ll need new resources for each furnace to remelt the new ores.

Mekanism PE Mod Minecraft Bedrock

New armor and weapons

  • They are distinguished by improved parameters and well-proven in combat.

The most important thing is the mechanisms

  • Added more than 10 independent mechanism-blocks for this day. None of them will not work until you attach it to the energy source.

Mekanism PE Mod Minecraft PE

Thematic sounds and GUI.

If you were looking for the Mekanism Mod for Minecraft Java, then just follow the link and download the latest version.

Mekanism PE Mod Minecraft Bedrock

Mekanism PE installation:

  • You need Inner Core to install the mod, download it.
  • Open the Mekanism.icmod file and enable it in the settings.

Download Mekanism PE Mod for Minecraft PE

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