Mekanism Mod

A huge work was done so that any player could feel how much the mechanisms are useful in Minecraft. The Mekanism Mod is a huge number of items, tools, spells, blocks and ores, energy and this is not all that you will see in it. It’s hard to describe in words all the features so the mod has its own wiki section.

Created by aidancbrady

Mekanism Mod Minecraft Mekanism Mod Minecraft

What’s inside:

  • New types of energy
  • New mechanisms for energy consumption
  • New objects (things, tools, auxiliary parts)
  • The set of parameters for each mechanism
  • Generated objects in Minecraft worlds
  • New weapons, armor, suits and adaptations that have no analogues
  • Different creatures helping in the work
  • Personal GUI
  • Supercomplex mechanisms

To realize all that you see above, the author has spent many years eliminating many bugs and troubles. The Mekanism Mod can be your favorite if you’re looking for new smart blocks capable of doing any kind of work for you.

Mekanism Mod Minecraft Mekanism Mod Minecraft

Mekanism Mod installation:

  1. Move the mod folder here ./minecraft/mods.
  2. Minecraft Forge must be installed.

Download Mekanism Mod for Minecraft 1.11.X
Download Mekanism Mod for Minecraft 1.12.1/1.12.2

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