Cloudy Skybox

Now you will be amazed by the beauty when you look at the sky. Cloudy Skybox replaces the original top of the world with real clouds taken from real life. Such textures are quickly gaining popularity, try to enjoy the beautiful clean sky in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Created by vladu11_YT

Cloudy Skybox Minecraft PE

Unfortunately, the clouds do not have animation and just stand still, but the fact remains – the updated sky surpasses what you used to see every day lived in the game. As in Minecraft Java, we will get natural animated clouds very soon.

Cloudy Skybox Minecraft PE

At this point only shaders can add this feature, but those clouds can not be called realistic, because blur and zoom effects were applied there.

Cloudy Skybox Minecraft PE

Cloudy Skybox installation:

  1. Download the pack and run it using the game.
  2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Cloudy Skybox for MCPE

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