New Bows Addon [1.18.12]

Take your archery experience to the next level with the New Bows Addon. Crafting new bows from vanilla resources provides a wide range of interactions between you and the game world: attract objects, teleport entities, blow up space for big mines and do other things by shooting new bows.

New Bows Addon New Bows Addon

New Bows & Arows

  1. Blaze Bow
  2. Ender Bow
  3. Miner Bow
  4. Knockback Bow
  5. Glowstone Bow
  6. Health Bow
  7. Explosive Bow
  8. Ice Bow
  9. Thunder Bow
  10. SpiderWeb Bow
  11. Magnet Bow
  12. Shulker Bow
  13. Long Bow
  14. Wither Bow
  15. Stone Bow
  16. Mini Bow
  17. Slime Bow
  18. Sponge Bow
  19. Diamond Bow
  20. Iron Bow
  21. Gold Bow
  22. Lapis Bow
  23. Redstone Bow
  • Iron Arrow
  • Lapis Arrow
  • Redstond Arrow
  • Diamond Arrow
  • Gold Arrow
  • Miner Arrow
  • Glowstone Arrow
  • Stone Arrow
  • Blaze Arrow
  • Shulker Arrow
  • Ender Arrow
  • Health Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Knockback Arrow
  • Thunder Arrow
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Mini Arrow
  • Wither Arrow
  • Magnet Arrow
  • Slime Arrow
  • Sponge Arrow

New Bows Addon

Crafting Table

From now on, bow crafting has been moved to a new crafting table responsible for new bows and arrows. Here are some sample recipes. Crafting the rest of the bows follows the same principle, use items from the names instead of those indicated in this recipe.

New Bows Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft.
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack.

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