How to find a ravine in 5 seconds Seed

Ravines is a new structure generated in every new world created on Minecraft BE 1.2. It is nothing more than a huge gorge that divides the biome into two parts. Many trips and a good supply of food are the necessary ingredients to find such a miracle of nature. In fact, the average time of ravine search exceeds several hours, so you should consider using small tricks.

How to find a ravine in 5 seconds Minecraft PE

This seed sends you to a huge world with a ravine in the spawn. There is no need to look for it, just take a couple of steps and now you are near the ravine. Like any attractive place, ravines consist of earth blocks by and large, but if you go down you will see deposits of ore.

The construction of a camping site here is a rather strange occupation, therefore ravines are used as a source of building materials for future housing somewhere nearby.

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