Aim Assist Mod [MCPE]

It’s rather a small hack allowing to hit any target using a bow and arrows. First of all, the Aim Assist Mod does so that any attached target will be hit with the first arrow. For many players, this modification should be called Aim Hack for InnerCore with some features.

Created by Mr.肉じゃがじゃが

How does Aim Assist work?

Take a bow and arrows and visually find a living target, it can be any mobs. Aim and the hack will automatically lock on your target. Then pull back bowstring and shoot: the modification itself will determine the correct trajectory and the arrow will fly exactly to the target.

Aim Assist Mod for MCPE

This may not work on fast moving creatures due to the fact that the arrow speed takes a while.

Aim Assist Mod installation

  1. Install Inner Core (Free MCPE launcher).
  2. Copy the Aim Assist Mod folder here: (/games/com.mojang/mods/).
  3. Run Inner Core, select the mod in the settings and enjoy.

Download Aim Assist Mod for MCPE

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    Does it work on sword

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