InfoForYou Pack [MCPE 1.7+]

InfoForYou is an informative resource pack representing the player all the most necessary properties of items and blocks, as well as armor and weapons. This is the case where a simple resource pack helps to learn more about any thing in Minecraft Bedrock Edition without opening browser pages.

Created by CodanRaigen21

InfoForYou Pack for MCPE 1.7

Displayed properties for

  • Blocks [ID]
  • Items [strength]
  • Spwn eggs [displaying a mob]
  • Weapons [damage]
  • Potions [effects]

You may need this if you’re bad at remembering damage or you need IDs for some blocks during construction. The advantage of this resource is that it doesn’t depend on the version of the game. This means you can play any Minecraft PE regardless of the updates.

InfoForYou Pack for MCPE 1.7

InfoForYou Pack installation:

  1. Download the file the link below.
  2. Open the .mcpack file using Minecraft PE.

Download Download InfoForYou Pack for Minecraft PE 1.7

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