Thermal Dynamics Mod [1.12.1/1.12]

Thermal Dynamics is an incredibly interesting technical mod for Minecraft. Together with it you can forget about the transportation of objects, pipes will do it for you. The mod adds a lot of unique pipes and connections used to move any objects, liquids or energy from one block to another.

Thermal Dynamics Mod Thermal Dynamics Mod Minecraft

You’ll very quickly understand how to use this or that type of pipe correctly. Also the Thermal Dynamics Mod contains some mechanisms for tuning and upgrading.

Thermal Dynamics Mod Minecraft Thermal Dynamics Mod Minecraft

Each type of pipe has certain advantages compared to others, which makes it possible to use them only for transporting particularly complex components. Transparency will always tell you what exactly moves along the pipe now.

Crafting recipes:

Thermal-Dynamics-crafting-3 Thermal-Dynamics-crafting-2 Thermal-Dynamics-crafting

Thermal Dynamics Mod installation:

  1. Move the mod folder here ./minecraft/mods.
  2. Minecraft Forge must be installed.

Download Thermal Dynamics Mod for Minecraft 1.12.1

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