Category: Minecraft PE Mods

Botania Mod for MCPE 1

Botania Mod [MCPE]

Porting the Botania mod, originally created on Minecraft Java, is in full swing. So far this is the first beta version, in which there are not so many features and content from the full modification. The...

Machinima Mod for Minecraft PE 1.6 0

Machinima Mod [MCPE]

Do you need a mod that adds a camera dolly to Minecraft: PE? By activating this movie trolley, you can record what is happening from different angles or in motion that looks very cool....

Herobrine Add-on for MCPE 0

Herobrine Add-on [MCPE]

Everyone who plays Minecraft for more than a year has heard about Herobrine. This mysterious guy is still one of the strangest creatures ever since the first information appeared about him. There’s no exact...