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MrCrayFish Furniture 0

MrCrayFish Furniture [1.18/1.19/1.20]

MrCrayFish going with several major projects regarding both graphical improvements and modding, has released a full-fledged furniture addon. In total, it carries about 400 items, starting with simple chairs and ending with more complex...


Actual Guns Addon [1.20]

In short, Actual Guns is arguably the best weapon addon for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition considering many completely different aspects, both technical and visual. This is based on the following factors that you should consider...

Foods Plus 2 Addon 0

Foods Plus 2 Addon [1.19]

The second edition of Foods Plus will surprise you with tons of new food, plants, cooking recipes, and even farm harvesters! Over 140 items, many recipes, world generating trees, crops, and harvesting machines. In...