Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.20.80 Changelog

New Features:


  • The Armadillo is a new passive mob that:
    • spawns in Savannas and Badlands biomes
    • drops Armadillo Scutes periodically
    • drops Armadillo Scutes when brushed
    • its favorite food is Spider Eyes

Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior

  • Armadillo rolls up when it detects a threat such as:
    • a sprinting player
    • a player in a vehicle or mounted
    • undead mobs
    • a mob, or a player that has attacked it recently
  • It does not roll up when:
    • it is fleeing
    • in water
    • in the air or
    • on a leash
  • When an Armadillo is rolled up it does not walk, cannot eat, and will not be tempted by food
    • It will continue to scan for threats, occasionally peeking to check the surroundings: if none are detected for 4 seconds, it will unroll
    • In a rolled up state, its shell will protect it, and reduce the damage dealt to it, even allowing it to fully resist weak attacks
    • Spiders and Cave Spiders will run away from Armadillos, and only if they are not in a rolled up state

Armadillo Scutes

  • Armadillo Scutes can be used to craft Wolf Armor
  • They are dropped by Armadillos
  • Dispensers can be used to brush Armadillo Scutes off Armadillos

Wolf Armor

  • The Wolf Armor will protect the wolf from most damage sources until the armor loses all durability and breaks
  • Wolf Armor shows signs of increased breakage as durability goes down
  • Players can repair the Wolf Armor with Armadillo Scutes while it is equipped on the Wolf, or on an Anvil using Armadillo Scutes
  • Wolf armor can be dyed in similar fashion to Leather Armor
  • Using Wolf Armor on an adult tamed Wolf will equip the armor on the Wolf
  • Only a Wolf’s owner can put a Wolf Armor on their tamed Wolf, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot put Wolf Armor on wolves
  • Using Shears on a Wolf that is wearing armor will make it drop the armor
  • Only a Wolf’s owner can repair a Wolf Armor on a Wolf or shear a Wolf Armor from it, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot remove Wolf Armor from wolves
  • If a Wolf dies while wearing armor, it will drop the armor

Tamed Wolves health and damage

  • Tamed Wolves now have 40 health points (20 hearts) instead of 20 health points (10 hearts)
  • They no longer take half of the damage from most environmental sources like they used to do
    • In most cases this change will make no difference given the health boost, but now they can withstand more damage from players and arrows
  • Feeding a Wolf now heals twice as many health points
  • Adjusted spawning conditions for Wolves, allowing them to spawn on Coarse Dirt and Podzol blocks

Wolf variants

New Wolf variants have been added. The variant is determined by the biome they spawn in. Read about each one in this paw-some article!

  • Pale Wolf – The familiar Wolf variant that now spawns in the Taiga biome, with a default pack size of 4
  • Woods Wolf – A variant that spawns in the Forest biome. This will be the dominant Wolf variant that you will be able to find in the Overworld, since the Forest biome is very common
  • Ashen Wolf – A variant that spawns in the Snowy Taiga biome
  • Black Wolf – A variant that spawns in the Old Growth Pine Taiga biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Chestnut Wolf – A variant that spawns in the Old Growth Spruce Taiga biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Rusty Wolf – A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves – the Sparse Jungle biome, in smaller packs of 2 to 4
  • Spotted Wolf – A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves – the Savanna Plateau biome, in larger packs of 4 to 8
  • Striped Wolf – A variant that spawns in a new location for wolves, the Wooded Badlands biome, in larger packs of 4 to 8
  • Snowy Wolf – A variant that spawns in the Grove biome. A rare type, that always walks alone

When summoned in other ways (e.g. using the Spawn Egg or using the summon command), the variant selection follows the natural spawning biome rules with the following extensions:

  • Rusty Wolf: will be selected in all Jungle biomes, including Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Biomes
  • Spotted Wolf: will be selected in all Savanna biomes, including Savanna and Windswept Savanna Biomes
  • Striped Wolf: will be selected in all Badlands biomes, including Badlands and Eroded Badlands Biomes

Realms Stories

  • Introducing Realms Stories, a new social hub for your Realm
    • Realms Stories features include:
      • The Story Feed – lets you share your greatest gameplay moments with your fellow Realm members
      • The Timeline – lets you see when other members are playing on the Realm
      • The Members tab – shows a list of all Realm members and their permission levels
      • Realm Events – Stories that get posted automatically when certain player actions are taken in the Realm. There are 19 unique Realm Events so far – can you discover all of them?
  • Known issues:
    • Xbox-only: If multiple users are signed into an Xbox, then the users might not be able to post to Realms Stories from that Xbox (unless all users besides the primary user log out).
    • Xbox-only: If multiple users are signed into an Xbox, Realm Events will not be posted, but they will be recorded. If all users but the primary user sign out of Xbox, and the primary user returns to the Minecraft play screen, the Realm Events that were recorded before should get posted. However, the Realm Events may be credited to the wrong user.
    • If users are in split-screen mode, only the primary user will be able to open Realms Stories.
    • If users are in with a guest (user who is not signed into their Microsoft account), and the primary user attempts to make a post, the post may fail, or be credited to the wrong user.

Enhancements to Finding Friends

We’ve improved the way you connect with players in Minecraft! To help you follow & friend players we added multiple features including:

  • Lists of recommended and suggested friends
  • Improved search to give partial results while you are typing
  • Ability to share your profile information through a QR code or a share link
  • A handy button that copies your Gamertag to the clipboard

Experimental Features:


  • A new heavy weapon to smash your enemies!
  • Leverage the weight of this new weapon to deal additional damage the farther you fall before hitting your target
    • Try it out by jumping down toward your target, and hit them before you hit the ground
    • Successfully striking a target in this way will negate any damage accumulated from the fall, similar to how a Wind Charge works
    • Other entities near the struck enemy will be knocked back by the immense force of the Mace
  • Using a Mace will decrease its durability like any other weapon; repair it with Breeze Rods at an Anvil
  • Players can use a Mace in combination with Wind Charges to launch up and deliver devastating smash attacks on their enemies

Breeze Rod

  • A new item dropped by the Breeze that can be crafted into 4 Wind Charges, or used with the Heavy Core to craft the Mace

Heavy Core

  • A mysterious, dense block which can be combined with a Breeze Rod to craft the Mace
  • Heavy Cores can be obtained from Vaults

New Armor Trims

  • Added Bolt and Flow Armor Trims and Smithing Templates
  • These new Armor Trims can be obtained from Vaults
  • Bolt can be duplicated using a Copper Block or Waxed Copper
  • Flow can be duplicated using a Breeze Rod

New Banner Patterns

  • Added Flow and Guster Banner Patterns
  • These new Banner Patterns can be obtained from Vaults

New Pottery Sherds

  • Added Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds
  • These new Pottery Sherds appear on Decorated Pots throughout Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers

  • Struggle no more to locate a Trial Chamber – level up your nearest Cartographer to Journeyman for the opportunity to trade for a Locator Map pointing to a nearby Trial Chamber
  • Added new chambers and variations, with new challenges!
    • Remade chamber_9, and renamed it to “slanted”
    • Remade chamber_3, and renamed it to “pedestal”
  • Added Flow, Guster, and Scrape Pottery Sherds to the Decorated Pots in the decor structure pool
  • Trial Spawners will now appear more frequently in the corridors
  • Changed the layout of blocks around the Vaults
  • The loot tables of Vaults in Trial Chambers have been updated to address some inventory management issues
    • You will now get no more than 1 unstackable item per Vault
    • You will more often get rewards which can stack together
    • Horse Armor and Saddles have been removed from the loot table
  • Vaults in Trial Chambers can now eject:
    • Wind Charges
    • Bolt Armor Trim Smithing Template
    • Flow Armor Trim Smithing Template
    • Flow Banner Pattern
    • Guster Banner Pattern
    • Heavy Core

Fixes and Changes:


  • Fixed an issue preventing iOS devices from auto-locking and going to sleep when idle after the player left any world


  • Holding the jump button while swimming underwater no longer results in a player drowning while appearing to be swimming at water’s surface
  • Holding the jump button while swimming horizontally (not upwards) at or near water’s surface will keep the player swimming at the surface at a height where breathing is possible
  • Players no longer crawl after sneaking onto a Bed with a 1.5 block gap above it
  • Trail Ruins now generate correctly on 32 bit-devices
  • Fixed a bug where guest players could not add trims to custom armor
  • Buckets can once again pick up liquids immediately after being placed


  • Wolves’ tails are now correctly positioned when sitting
  • Wolves now correctly leap at their targets
  • Fixed vertical position of tamed mobs from the clients/guests perspective after they teleport to their owner
  • Horses and Boats no longer slide to unexpected previous locations upon mounting or dismounting
  • Rabbits are now more likely to spawn in Groves than before
  • Foxes are now less likely to spawn in Groves than before


  • Fixed occasional double placement of blocks when bridging
  • Sweet Berry Bush now drops up to 6 Sweet Berries when mined using a Fortune enchanted tool
  • Fully grown Cocoa Pods now consistently drop 3 Cocoa Beans
  • Fixed an issue causing Beds placed across chunk borders to sometimes break or turn invisible


  • Shields can now partially block damage dealt by Guardians and Elder Guardians’ laser attack


  • Increased maximum render distance to 36 for Xbox Series consoles
  • Updated the missing tile texture to a dirt block with brown question mark
  • The Lead item now renders correctly when the “Hide Hand” option is selected

User Interface

  • The updated “You Died!” screen is no longer experimental. Thank you for all of the feedback you have sent in about this updated feature!
  • The feedback button has been moved from Main Menu to the Settings screen under the General tab with label “Help Center”
  • Increased the time interval for showing a standard loading tip
  • Increased range for the “move up” button, such that you can now slide off slowly to the near buttons without stopping the movement
  • On touch devices, when items are swapped, the icons now move in the correct direction
  • On touch devices, the selected item now has a blue background on all screens
  • Flying item animation is no longer missing on touch-screen versions of Beacon, Cartography, and Smithing Table screens
  • Reduced frame stutter when encountering a Character Creator skin in-game
  • Fixed a bug that prevented recipes without unlock criteria from showing up in the recipe book
  • On touch devices, item transfer animation is now rendered above static items
  • Resolved an issue where “Signing in…” text might not have appeared on the main menu while sign in was actually in progress

Technical Updates

Updated Add-On Template Packs


  • Fixed an issue where should_update_bones_and_effects_offscreen and should_update_effects_offscreen were being ignored
  • Fixed an issue where the primary user login was not resolved before launching the world when performing a protocol launch using connect?localLevelId= or connect?localWorld=
  • Fixed a bug that prevented custom features in behavior packs from loading
  • Fixed a crash during the load process of localization strings
  • Removed FilterTextPacket


  • Dynamic imports (e.g., import(“/my-module.js”)) should be functional again
  • BlockTypes will now return valid types for flattened or refactored block names
  • EntityMountTamingComponent
    • Renamed EntityMountTamingComponent to EntityTameMountComponent
    • Renamed setTamed to tame
  • Released BlockComponentTypes from beta to 1.10.0
  • Released EntityComponentTypes from beta to 1.10.0
  • Released ItemComponentTypes from beta to 1.10.0
  • Removed filters as they currently have no backing implementation
  • Fixing some component isValid methods where they didn’t properly return false in cases where the component had been removed from the Entity
  • Added PaletteColor enum to beta for use with ItemColorComponent/ItemColor2Component
  • Added ItemColor2Component to beta for reading minecraft:color2
  • Setting a dynamic property with a key larger than 32kb now will result in an exception
  • Moved EntityType and EntityTypes from beta to 1.11.0
  • Released playMusic,Player.queueMusicPlayer.stopMusic from beta to 1.11.0
  • Removed BlockAreaSize from beta and replaced usages with Vector3
  • Renamed parameter itemCategory in getItemCooldown and player.startItemCooldown to cooldownCategory
  • Changed type to only EnchantmentType to follow API guidelines
  • Added EnchantmentSlot and slots to beta for determining the enchantable slots of an item
  • Added ‘minecraft:custom_components’ block component under the Beta APIs feature flag


  • Added spawn categories to Bedrock. They will be used in the future for mob spawning. Spawn categories have been enabled in entity behavior pack files, but are not yet functional


  • Blocks using custom tags in the “crafting_tags” field of their custom blocks with a “minecraft:crafting_table” component now support custom unlockable recipes
    • This fixed a bug where some recipes did not show up when recipe unlocking was on
  • “sapling” block is now split into unique instances: “oak_sapling”, “spruce_sapling”, “birch_sapling”, “jungle_sapling”, “acacia_sapling” and “dark_oak_sapling”
  • “coral_fan” block is now split into unique instances: “tube_coral_fan”, “brain_coral_fan”, “bubble_coral_fan”, “fire_coral_fan” and “horn_coral_fan”
  • “coral_fan_dead” block is now split into unique instances: “dead_tube_coral_fan”, “dead_brain_coral_fan”, “dead_bubble_coral_fan”, “dead_fire_coral_fan” and “dead_horn_coral_fan”
  • “red_flower” block is now split into unique instances: “poppy”, “blue_orchid”, “allium”, “azure_bluet”, “red_tulip”, “orange_tulip”, “white_tulip”, “pink_tulip”, “oxeye_daisy”, “cornflower”, and “lily_of_the_valley”


  • Added the “extend_player_rendering” camera component which allows for players (and any entities they are connected to through riding and leashes) to be rendered even if they are beyond the max entity render distance
  • Added “extend_player_rendering” component to the “minecraft:free” camera
    • This component is intended to be an enhancement and improvement to current functionality and as such will be “set to true” by default.
    • Setting this component to false will remove the added rendering capability.
  • The server now sends chunks and actors around the camera to the client if that information already exists on the server even when the camera is placed far away from the player


  • Moved the /hud command out of Upcoming Creator Features experimental toggle.
  • Updated /titleraw and /tellraw to include support for rendering input key glyphs.


  • The “interact” component’s fields “equip_item_slot” and “drop_item_slot” now support both armor and inventory slots:
    • Armor slots are specified as ‘slot.armor.head’, ‘slot.armor.chest’, ‘slot.armor.legs’, and ‘slot.armor.feet’
    • Inventory slots are specified as positive numbers, now expressed as strings
    • This change requires a world version of 1.20.80 or higher
  • Added “repair_entity_item” field to the “interact” component, which allows to repair an item in one of the entity’s inventory or armor slots
  • Entities running “behavior.follow_owner” no longer risk getting stuck into each other when teleporting to their owner
  • Added the “minecraft:body_rotation_blocked” component, which prevents an entity from visually rotating their body to match their own facing direction
  • The durations and cooldowns of “behavior.timer_flag_1,” “behavior.timer_flag_2,” and “behavior.timer_flag_3” are now correctly randomized on both start and stop, rather than only on spawn

Entity Filters

  • Added new entity filter “is_sitting”, which checks if the entity is sitting
  • Added new entity filter “has_damaged_equipment”, which checks if the entity has a certain damaged piece of equipment in the specified slot


  • Added new query “query.armor_slot_damage”, which returns the damage value of the armor item in the specified slot


  • Added assume_symmetry boolean property for Shaped Recipes to allow for symmetrical shaped recipes with different outputs.

Experimental Technical Updates


  • Added BlockComponentStepOnEvent for beta
  • Added BlockRegistry for beta
  • Added WorldInitializeBeforeEvent
  • Added BlockCustomComponent
  • Dimension:
    • Added function getBlocks(volume: BlockVolumeBase, filter: BlockFilter, allowUnloadedChunks?: boolean): ListBlockVolume – Gets the blocks in a volume if it matches the filter
    • Added function containsBlock(volume: BlockVolumeBase, filter: BlockFilter, allowUnloadedChunks?: boolean): boolean – Returns true if the block in volume matches the filter, false otherwise
  • Moved ItemCooldownComponent from beta to 1.10.0
  • Added BlockComponentStepOffEvent for beta
  • Added onStepOff to BlockCustomComponent
  • Added BlockComponentRandomTickEvent for beta
  • Added onRandomTick to BlockCustomComponent
  • StructureManager:
    • Added getIds(): string – Returns a list of identifiers including all structures saved to memory and the world
    • Fixed a bug where the delete function would not remove structures that were previously saved to the world but not loaded
    • Changed the default save mode of createEmpty to Memory
  • EntityQueryOptions
    • Added field propertyOptions?: EntityQueryPropertyOptions[];
  • EntityQueryPropertyOptions
    • Added field exclude – If exclude propertyId
    • Added field propertyId – Property ID
    • Added field value – Target value or comparison
  • EqualsComparison
    • Added equals
  • GreaterThanComparison
    • Added greaterThan
  • GreaterThanOrEqualsComparison
    • Added greaterThanOrEquals
  • LessThanComparison
    • Added lessThan
  • LessThanOrEqualsComparison
    • Added lessThanOrEquals
  • NotEqualsComparison
    • Added notEquals
  • RangeComparison
    • Added lowerBound and upperBound
    • Moved worldInitialize from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved EntityProjectileComponent from beta to 1.10.0
  • Removed old Vector Please use Vector3Utils from @minecraft/math as a replacement
  • ModalFormData
    • Added submitButton method for setting the text of the form’s submit button
  • Structure APIs
    • Added function setBlockPermutation(location: Vector3, blockPermutation?: BlockPermutation, waterlogged?: boolean): void – Sets the block permutation at a given location within the structure
  • StructureManager
    • Added function saveToWorld(): void – Persists the structure as part of the broader world storage
    • Added function saveAs(identifier: string, saveMode?: StructureSaveMode): Structure – Saves a copy of the structure with a new identifier
  • EntityHitBlockAfterEvent
    • Added property hitBlockPermutation to beta
  • Creator Settings menu has a new option to automatically connect the debugger on world load (or /reload). This will make it easier to set (and catch) breakpoints at load and avoids the hassle of typing out the debugger slash command
  • Added class ListBlockVolume which extends BaseBlockVolume – A volume that stores multiple block locations
  • Structure
    • Renamed class StructureTemplate to Structure
    • Added read-only property size: Vector3 – Returns the size of the structure in blocks
    • Added function getBlockPermutation(location: Vector3): BlockPermutation | undefined; – Returns the block permutation at the given location within the structure
    • Added function isValid(): boolean – Returns false if the structure has been deleted
    • Added function getIsWaterlogged(location: Vector3): boolean; – Returns whether the block at the given location is waterlogged
  • Added an optional SpawnEntityOptions with a boolean initialPersistence field to the spawnEntity(…) function to support persistent entities in Editor tooling
  • place now places rotated structures the same way as the /structure command
  • Moved getItemStack(amount?: number, withData?: boolean): ItemStack | undefined from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved getItemStack(amount?: number): ItemStack | undefined from beta to 1.10.0
  • EntityAgeableComponent
    • Added property transformToItem to beta
  • EntityDefinitionFeedItem
    • Updated property item to return name with namespace in beta
  • Moved EntityTypeFamilyComponent from beta to 1.10.0
  • Added BlockComponentTickEvent for beta
    • Added ‘onTick’
  • Added BlockComponentEntityFallOnEvent for beta
    • Added ‘onEntityFallOn’
  • Added BlockComponentPlayerPlaceBeforeEvent for beta
    • Added ‘beforeOnPlayerPlace’
  • Added BlockComponentPlayerInteractEvent for beta
    • Added ‘onPlayerInteract’
  • Added BlockComponentPlayerDestroyEvent for beta
    • Added ‘onPlayerDestroy’
  • Added BlockComponentOnPlaceEvent for beta
    • Added ‘onPlace’
  • Added ItemComponentRegistry for beta
  • Added ItemCustomComponent for beta
  • Added ItemComponentUseEvent for beta
    • Moved structureManager from beta to 1.10.0
  • Structure Manager
    • Moved createEmpty from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved delete from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved get from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved place from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved id from beta to 1.1.0
    • Moved getBlockPermutation from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved getIsWaterlogged from beta to 1.10.0
    • Moved isValid from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved StructureSaveMode from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved StructureRotation from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved StructureAnimationMode from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved StructureMirrorAxis from beta to 1.10.0
  • Removed StructureReadOptions
  • Moved StructureCreateOptions from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved StructurePlaceOptions from beta to 1.10.0
  • Moved InvalidStructureError from beta to 1.10.0


  • Added ‘minecraft:entity_fall_on’ block component behind the Beta API experiment
  • Added ‘minecraft:tick’ block component behind the Beta API experiment


  • Improved performance for the /give and /replaceitem No server lag if there is no target

Entity Components

  • Added property passengerMaxWidth to EntityRideableComponent
  • Added property seatRotation to Seat


  • Added ‘minecraft:custom_components’ item component under the Beta APIs feature flag

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