Minecraft Bedrock Edition Changelog

Experimental Features


  • Armadillo now emits vibrations when rolling up and when unrolling
  • Baby Armadillos no longer move towards their parents after rolling up
  • Armadillo’s legs no longer flicker while rolled up
  • Armadillo now correctly plays sounds when rolling up

Trial Spawner

  • Improved Trial Spawner particles


  • Breeze can now jump when standing in water
  • The Breeze now avoids Trapdoors when pathfinding

Wind Burst

  • Removed the darkening tint in Wind Burst particle to uphold parity

Wolf Armor

  • Volume of sounds for equipping and removing Wolf Armor is now controlled by the Friendly Creatures slider

Features and Bug Fixes


  • Pistons pushing, pulling or destroying blocks no longer risk teleporting surrounding Players towards the world’s origin
  • Potato, Carrot, Melon, Sweet Berries, Nether Wart, Sunflower, Lilac, Rose Bush, Peony, Glowstone Dust, and Gravel no longer have increased chance of drops when mined with an Enchanted Book of Fortune
  • Fixed a bug where the player would exit a vehicle at an incorrect height if the vehicle was over a fire block


  • Fixed an issue where a boat disappears if placed at the player’s feet or next to another boat

Education Edition Only Features

  • The EDU-only “hard_stained_glass” block is now split into unique instances “hard_black_stained_glass”, “hard_blue_stained_glass”, “hard_brown_stained_glass”, “hard_cyan_stained_glass”, “hard_gray_stained_glass”, “hard_green_stained_glass”, “hard_light_blue_stained_glass”, “hard_light_gray_stained_glass”, “hard_lime_stained_glass”, “hard_magenta_stained_glass”, “hard_orange_stained_glass”, “hard_pink_stained_glass”, “hard_purple_stained_glass”, “hard_red_stained_glass”, “hard_white_stained_glass”, “hard_yellow_stained_glass”
  • The EDU-only “hard_stained_glass_pane” block is now split into unique instances “hard_black_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_blue_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_brown_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_cyan_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_gray_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_green_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_light_blue_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_light_gray_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_lime_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_magenta_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_orange_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_pink_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_purple_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_red_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_white_stained_glass_pane”, “hard_yellow_stained_glass_pane”


  • Flying players are now only slowed by touching the ground when moving down
  • If you close the game while changing dimensions, we won’t place you in an unexpected position when re-entering the world
  • Double pressing the jump button to disable flying no longer causes the player to jump slightly after flying is disabled


  • Fix font glyph boundary artifacts (spotty pixels at the edge of each character) with italic text rendering at certain resolution


  • Renamed “Scute” to “Turtle Scute”


  • Villagers who were mistakenly assigned to the same bed or workstation as others will now actively seek out a new bed or workstation
  • Pufferfish no longer inflate and deflate repeatedly when a player is at a specific distance from them
  • Animal equipment, such as Horse Armor and Wolf Armor, no longer has a chance of being duplicated when the animal carrying them is killed
  • Pillagers now spawn correctly near Pillager Outposts
  • Mobs that have partial blocks (e.g. Trapdoors, Slabs, etc.) specified as part of their list of blocks to avoid in their Navigation Component should now avoid them properly


  • Realms Tab in new Play Screen should no longer be stuck in a loading state
  • Fixed crash that could occur in the Play menu whilst looking at Realms
  • Corrected translations about “posting” and “liking” on Realms Stories

Vanilla Parity

  • Trail Ruins will now be placed in the same location and configuration as in Java


  • Some Villagers could have their skins not match their professions. This should now be resolved

Technical Updates

AI Goals

  • “behavior.follow_parent” now interrupts navigation on stop for content using engine version 1.20.60 or higher


  • Biome tags in JSON files are now specified under a “minecraft:tags” component, in a “tags” array, rather than as loose JSON objects, for files with a format_version of 1.20.60 or higher


  • The “interact” component now supports the additional “entity_act” value for the “vibration” field


Updates this week:

  • Removed addSeparator function from IMenu API
  • Fixed issue where resource packs were not being retained during editing and testing – now they are retained!
  • Added addEntityPicker function to IPropertyPane API for selecting an entity type
  • Added interface IPropertyItemOptionsDataPicker for both entity and block picker optional properties, removed IPropertyItemOptionsBlocks
  • Introducing Void World generation! The Flat World toggle found on the Advanced tab of the Create New Project page has been replaced with a drop down, allowing new Editor projects to be created in a Vanilla, Flat, or Void world. The Void world project experience will be iterated on in the coming months. Upon starting a Void world project, swap Selection to Fixed Distance to place blocks to kickstart your build.
  • Added toolGroupId optional property to IRegisterExtensionOptionalParameters API for organizing tools in custom groups!

Entity Event Responses

  • Added the “emit_vibration” entity event response, which allows the entity to emit a vibration having the entity itself as its source
    • The “vibration” field allows to specify the vibration to be emitted
    • The allowed values are “shear”, “entity_act”, and “entity_interact”


  • Added content errors that state query.remaining_durability and query.max_durability are only to be used with Item contexts.


  • Feature toggle Enable New Geometry Tessellation Pipeline defaults to true

Experimental Technical Updates

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • The block component “minecraft:random_ticking” is now supported again


  • system.runJob()
  • system.clearJob()
    • Added runJob and clearJob for optimizing long running tasks using JavaScript generators. system.runJob takes a generator function and returns a jobId. See documentation for usage examples.
  • @minecraft/server.BlockPermutation
    • Moved getState and withStates APIs from beta to stable


  • Fixed issue where shadows for alpha tested geometry (doors, leaves, etc.) were no longer rendering in the Deferred Technical Preview
  • Banner shields now render when equipped in both left and right hands in the Deferred Technical Preview
  • Fixed an issue where light emitting items glowed in the player’s hand in dark rooms during the day in the Deferred Technical Preview
  • Improved upscaling stability on Android in the Deferred Technical Preview
  • On Android, pixelated artifacts are no longer visible on the right half of the screen when upscaling is turned on in the Deferred Technical Preview
  • Fixed unstable and incorrect light clustering results in the Deferred Technical Preview


  • Added ScriptBiomeTypes and ScriptBiomeType to allow Scripting API to enumerate the BiomeRegistry.
  • Added a findClosestBiome function to Dimension to find the closest biome of a specified type, to a given position in the world.

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