DesnoGuns Mod [Minecraft PE 1.2]


DesnoGuns is the best mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition adds a lot of different kinds of weapons. After installation, you get a full weapons arsenal from knives, binoculars and ending with bazookas. This is a truly epic mod to make a real war. Each type of weapon has a special unique characteristics, so choose carefully.

In addition to weapons, you get different useful items such as parachute, binocular, first aid kit and more. Total available 50 new items. All weapons have a crafting recipe and can be taken from the creative inventory. So the author tried to make the most convenient mod.

Features and capabilities:

Each weapon type has a unique power and recoil.
Grenades can blind the player, bounce off the walls.
The unique sound of gunfire.
Different ammo with possibility of remote explosion.
Optical sight.
Beautiful effects shots and animation.

R24 changelog:

  • Added a new exosuit.
  • All weapons are divided into categories.
  • The mod supports Minecraft PE 1.2 (+betas) but only if you install BL 1.16.3 and newer.

How to make a weapon?

Firstly, you need ammo for the planned weapons. All you need is an iron ingot (see the screenshots below).


Then you can make real gun.


The gun is ready for use. But do not forget the ammo that quickly come to an end.


Reloading and shooting.

DesnoGuns Mod has real sounds of gunfire and reload, it’s very cool and impressive. Click “Fire” button to shot (make sure to install the sounds). Once you’ve spent all their ammunition, click at the ammo inscription to reload.

DesnoGuns Mod Minecraft PE

In a recent update, the developer has added the ability to use the aim. Aim distance depends on the type of weapon. Some guns have no aim. To get the best sniper scope, you need the sniper rifle.

DesnoGuns Mod [Minecraft PE 0.15]

DesnoGuns Mod [Minecraft PE 0.15]

How to throw a grenade.

It’s very simple. Select it in the bar and press “fire” button. After a few seconds you will hear the explosion sound and beautiful effects.

DesnoGuns Mod [Minecraft PE


In addition to the weapons you get such useful things like a first aid kit, a parachute and unique armor. With the help of a parachute you will be able to land safely on the ground.

DesnoGuns crafting recipes:

DesnoGuns crafting recipesDesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes 1442595263_molotov DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes 1442595285_at4ammo 1442595285_info_icon DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes 1442595297_skorpionammo 1442595300_millsbomb DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes 1442595346_ak47ammo 1442595348_crossbow 1442595348_deserteagleammo DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes DesnoGuns crafting recipes

DesnoGuns installation:

  1. Download the mod from the link below (.modpkg).
  2. Start BlockLauncher Pro and click on the wrench.
  3. Go to the “ModPE Script” and enable support for mods, click “Add”.
  4. Now, find the downloaded file and click on it. At the same time the texture pack installed automatically.
  5. All is ready.

Download DesnoGuns Mod r18 [Minecraft PE 0.15]
Download DesnoGuns Mod r24 [Minecraft PE 1.2]

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