Driveable Ender Dragon [MCPE 0.17.0]

Do you enjoy the new features in Minecraft PE 0.17? And how do you like an add-on that adds the ability to fly a Ender Dragon? Driveable Ender Dragon will allow you to sit astride a dragon and even manage it, but this option is still being finalized.

Since the add-on is not completed the dragon can greatly change the direction and speed, as well as the position of your character will be not absolutely correct.

Driveable Ender Dragon [MCPE 0.17.0] Driveable Ender Dragon [MCPE 0.17.0]

How to fly a dragon and control it?

Everything is quite simple. First of all get a dragon in any way possible:
1) Meet the dragon in a new dimension (the End) that was not so long ago added to Minecraft PE 0.17.0.
2) If you don’t want to spend time and effort on searches, use a special command – / summon dragon ~ ~ ~.

Take the diamond sword to control the direction of flight. Driveable Ender Dragon add-on is still under development, so the flight can be a bit lag. To change the speed of flight, use the diamond. At the same time, the speed is already high.


How to install the addon?

  • Download the file from the link below.
  • Set the behavior file in the game menu.

Download Driveable Ender Dragon [MCPE 0.17.0]

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