Planes Addon [1.20]

This is the most advanced plane addon for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, getting very close to experienced modifications. It takes into account all the features from great aviation mods to make you a cool pilot. And what’s more, each next update gives a lot of new features, varieties of aircraft and items.


  • Aviation Crafting Table for self-creation of your own aircraft
  • Division of aircraft into types according to speed, strength, passenger seats
  • Aircraft weapons for attacking ground or air targets while flying
  • Components and aviation fuel
  • Pilot suits to increase the efficiency of flying
  • Generated structures with new items as loot
  • And much more

Aircraft control, Crafting

Using these recipes you will build your first plane. Before takeoff, refuel the aircraft and hold the key in your hand. Takeoff occurs without additional actions – look up or down while controlling the aircraft. The recipes involve a variety of items, covering everything from simple dyes to mechanisms.


  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Fokker EIII
  • B-25 Mitchell Bomber
  • Messerschmitt BF-109s
  • P-51 Mustang
  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
  • Stuka
  • Fokker Dr1 Triplane


  • Napalm TNT
  • Tsar TNT
  • Ammo 7mm


  • Propeller
  • Wing
  • Tail
  • Engine
  • Wheel
  • Undercarriage
  • Airplane Cockpit
  • Connected Propellers
  • Seat
  • Floats
  • Float
  • Extense


Planes Addon Installation

  1. Download the file and open it via Minecraft
  2. Go to the global resources and enable the pack

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