Minecraft 1.12 Texture Pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.3]

Minecraft 1.12 Texture Pack is the case when you want to improve the quality of standard textures in MC:PE. Just install this texture pack, and you will immediately see the difference between normal and updated textures. With this, it will look much brighter and more harmonious.

Minecraft 1.12 Texture Pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.3]

Your device will work as before, no lags. Quite possibly, Mojang will add this texture pack to the next version of Minecraft PE – 1.1.0. Wool now has a brighter and juicy appearance (compare below). The roughness is less visible, so it may seem that you use shaders.

Minecraft 1.12 Texture Pack [Minecraft PE 1.0.3]

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