CAT Cheat / Hack [Minecraft PE]

What could be more interesting than nerve-racking the chief administrator on a Minecraft Bedrock server? If you really enjoy this, then we present the CAT Cheat allowing you to gain some superiority over other players. Keep in mind that cheating is strictly prohibited and not welcomed by any server.

CAT Cheat Hack Minecraft PE

What’s inside?

Combat (Aimbot / Bow-aimbot)

Player (Creative / Tower / Scaffold / Autodisconnect / Flight / No Falling)

Movement (Glide / Step / Bunnyhop / Speedhack / TP / Boost)

CAT Cheat Hack Minecraft PE

There are about 10 functions and this can not be compared with the Vertex Hack, but the CAT Cheat has other features such as minimalization and just a GUI. Once again we repeat that the use of hacks and cheats in MCPE is a big sin and will lead to blocking sooner or later.

CAT Cheat Hack Minecraft PE

Download CAT Cheat / Hack for Minecraft PE

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  1. Landon James says:

    What file do I put this file in to run the hack I’m on ios

  2. Trooper6374 says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have the zip file but no idea what to do now =/

  4. vojta says:


  5. sulzi2209 says:


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