Half Heart 2 Map [MCPE 0.17.0]

How do you imagine the most difficult parkour in Minecraft PE? No, all your previous maps are nothing compared to this. After the spawn, you only have half of heart and that’s all! It means that you can allow only one mistake, and this error will be the last. Be careful and always think over the next step.

Half Heart 2 Map [MCPE 0.17.0]

How to start the game?

You will spawn at the starting point on the map. 5 offers different levels and each of them consists of different tests. Use the command (/spawnpoint) to save the passed level.

How to install Half Heart 2 Map?

Download map and extract it.
Move the extracted folder to the folder with the maps.

Download Half Heart 2 Map [0.17.0]

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